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Choosing Your First Handbags + 5 Top Recommendation

hi everybody and welcome back to my page today. I wanted to do a blog on sort of purchasing your first designer
handbag I’ve been thinking about what hundred blogs I wanted to do for this site and I thought that this might
be a fun one for a few of you guys because a lot of people have been asking me what would you recommend for your
first design piece and I just thought I’ll just write a blog with my top 5 recommendations of first designer bag purchases,and also like i mentioned about people asking me to make a blog, so I have decided to do five recommendations because it’s a clean number but you will find that a few things I do recommend are from two fashion houses that I absolutely adore.

All of these bags that I will be recommending are items that I have used,also I know there’s like a million and one different handbags from different fashion houses but I wanted to mention the ones that I’ve had personal experience with so that I can give you a better sort of overview of what I think of the bag and why I would recommend it as your first design handbags,please take note I won’t be including any contemporary designers here because I’ve never dealt with any of them and so I will just mainly be mentioning premium designer brands such as Chanel over time similar on things like that I’ll just start the blog.

Fifth on my list is:
Speedy 30 mandala

I did decide on this speedy 30 mandala as my first designer purchase and I do really recommend it to anyone looking to
purchase their first designer bag because it’s such an amazing size you can fit your iPad you can fit specials you can fit your giantess on our camera that’s perfect for everyday for travel and because of this shoulder strap you can also use it as a cross body or as a shoulder bag I tend to wear it with the just the two attachments because I am more on the petite side yeah I just love the size so so much because although jewel of the 25 this opening is just amazing it’s just yet it’s amazing so yeah guys this is my first recommendation whether you pick the you know speedy in the classic or the bandolier or whether it’s 25 or 30 or the monogram and dummy 8 bin I generally think that the speedy is such a classic and iconic silhouette and it will never go out of style.

Fouth on my list is

moving on to another consumer favorite is the Louboutin never fall this is the mm size and this is the dam unity bin I love this bag and I do use it on the daily for work I’m actually using it right now it’s got a lot of paperwork the speedy and the notable are definitely you know consumer favourites because of you know all of the points that it covered which is price point, functionality, versatility, durability and also resale value. If you have both the mm and the GM and that’s another point for you to think about when purchasing your first handbag what size you’re after,I did pick the GM initially because for me that had more functionality and versatility in terms of how you can wear it because it is a very very large tote and then you can also pull the sides in and make it a bit smaller. But many of the time a lot of people like the MM just because it is the perfect size for them, it is just the classic type size where you can fit laptops books a4 pieces of paper but then at the same time if you do cinch it in it becomes a much more compact size.

Third on my list is

Armored BB

As well moving on to my third recommendation is the armored BB, now if you are looking to purchase your first sort of Louboutin item but you don’t really want true you know by the never fall or the speedy just because the market is so oversaturated with those type of bags and you want something a little bit different one bag that I do recommend is the Alma BB the Alma is again another classic classic silhouette from over time I think this was one of their well-known older. Bags from you know way back when Louboutin started I believe it was typically created for Chanel who enjoyed the Alma as a travel piece but didn’t want it to have a smaller size as a handbag and that’s when Louboutin created the am/pm for her I believe not 100% sure but I do love the BB size it’s such a gorgeous gorgeous size and I don’t actually think it’s too small for everyday use it fits quite a lot in here I’ve been able to fit my wallet a sort of Micro Four Thirds camera two lenses and also a mini Pichette so it does fit quite a lot but I do love that you come to the strap and you can also wear it as a handheld bag for you know date night or going out these does come in a variety of sizes but I think the Alma BB offers more functionality as I said but if you do want something that does carry more there’s always the PM as well which also have the hooks that you can attach strap that you do have to buy separately but you can wear it as a cross body or a shoulder bag typically this is a great cute little piece that is such great value for money.

Second on my list is


Moving on to my next favorite fashion house which is Chanel,so if your Chanel girl heart you guys will know the true most comments you know that is everyone’s you know first Chanel a sham and that is the Chanel mini flat and also the smell wallets on chain these are my next two recommendations to complete my top 5 sort of recommendations for your first designer handbag and just like the battle between the speedy and the number 4 there’s always a battle between the Chanel walk and also a Chanel mini flat bags now I do have both because I do think that they are different in their functionality and also just generally their looks.But for this blog I will talk about the Chanel wallet and chain so this is technically a wallet or a small Worthing wood that has a chain however it is so much more than that and you can use it for more than just a on the chain it definitely is a selling point just how much you can fit in here it’s very very versatile and you can use it as a small bag as many people use it some people use it as a wallet wish you know you can do but it’s quite large for my liking but also you can use it as a clutch you know for going out and as well as a shoulder and cross body bag so these smaller the good is amazing it’s very versatile and I do recommend it especially in the classic design such as the quilt design with the gold or silver.

Lastly First on my list is

Gucci Soho disco

lastly another great first designer bag that I did want to mention is the Gucci Soho disco this is a bag from Gucci and that’s what it looks like I’ve researched this before and although it’s not on my radar at the moment the price point is amazing for an all other cross body bag which is $1,300 and the size is also great because although it is a smaller bag it fits so so much in there and I’ve only heard great things about this bag it also comes in a variety of different colors so your spot for twice you can get it in like a pink or red a navy and you can purchase it from a variety of different boutiques and just have a look at which one offers it for the best price.

so that’s it guys that is my top 5 beginner handbags for anyone looking to purchase their first designer handbag and I hope you guys enjoyed reading my blogs review,don’t forget to leave a comment below…. Thanks

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